In 2017 we launched the London chapter of FlipMyFunnel at the offices of Radiate B2B. As the year progressed, we had some fascinating people join us to talk about their ABM journeys, share war stories and trade advice.

Now, with 2018 firmly underway, we’ve already seen a huge upsurge of interest in adopting Account Based Marketing strategies as marketers get their new year agenda underway. In particular we’ve seen a lot of activity around questions of measurement.

Both the news and social media have been filled with commentary on the issue of Net Neutrality – and particularly the protest being staged by a couple of hundred internet companies and activist groups about the FCC’s plans to ditch net neutrality regulations in the US.

The BBC asked Radiate B2B founder Mike Weston to join the World Business Briefing to discuss the FCC’s move and explore whether (or why) Net Neutrality matters.