Account Based Marketing

Since the advent of the Internet, buyers research their requirements prior to engaging with vendors. To accomodate this environment, marketers have turned to content marketing to support this education. However, this has resulted in an avalanche of similar and often low quality content that makes the buying process harder rather than easier to navigate.

This environment is driving marketers to adopt account based marketing. It has been around for decades but never previously became mainstream because its traditional approach is expensive to implement across most organisations. Today, technology is allowing account based marketing programmes to be delivered economically and at scale across a larger number of target companies.

What is Account Based Marketing (ABM)?

Account Based Marketing (ABM) is a marketing growth strategy, drawing on the same techniques that underpin the best enterprise sales strategies.

ABM focuses on closing, alongside sales, high quality business opportunities backed by high levels of insight and personalised messaging. These opportunities are the companies you really want to work with, that lead to higher value deals and longer contracts.

Traditionally, this has been implemented by treating each account as its own market and it can deliver significant growth within new and existing accounts.

The new ABM

Until now, ABM has been resource-intensive, treating each account as a market of one, so its value has been limited to just a very small number of accounts. Radiate B2B is focused on scaling ABM strategies so that the majority of companies can take advantage of ABM's benefits.

Many of the business leaders we talk to already know something about ABM. Almost all are enthusiastic about it.

This should not be a surprise. After all, 84% of companies who use it, say ABM delivers higher ROI than any other type of marketing.

Our forecast? Massive return on investment. We’ve seen examples of a 200% increase in conversions from well run ABM strategies.

Differing ABM Strategies

A scaled ABM strategy may include the ability to target many accounts thanks to technology, but this alone is not an ABM strategy. ABM programmes are made up of three different approaches as illustrated in the pyramid below.

Scaled ABM allows for personalisation individually or in clusters within each of the pyramid levels and an account is unlikely to sit in one level throughout its relationship with the company.

During onboarding, we work with our clients to identify the best approach to implementing a fully fledged ABM programme that delivers success across the pipeline. Send us a message to discuss further.

Benefits of Account Based Marketing

Increased revenue and engagement.

80% of companies found Account Based Marketing approaches outperformed other strategies and 83% saw increased engagement with their accounts.

Increased retention and account expansion.

Your customers prefer Account Based Marketing approaches as it is much more personalised to them. We help you to implement an approach that will clearly show your customers you care about winning and retaining their account.

Increased sales and marketing alignment.

Your sales team is already using these techniques but it is often lost inside CRM platforms and done inefficiently. The requirement to work together to deliver target accounts, makes aligning sales and marketing teams easier.

How do I start?

It starts with finding answers to the right questions. Radiate B2B will work with you to answer:

  • “Which companies would I most like to do business with?”
  • “Who do I need to be in contact with at those companies?”
  • “What do I need to know about those people and those companies?”
  • “What should my communications plan be for each of those contacts?”

Answering these questions will put you in charge of the most high-performing marketing strategy your business has ever seen. And the results will show:

  • More – and bigger – contracts, and you’ll win them faster
  • Closer, more lucrative long-term relationships with your best customers
  • Get Marketing and Sales work together, in alignment, toward the same goals.

Let Radiate B2B show you how to bring all this together.

Account Based Marketing Strategy

How should you start or scale your Account Based Marketing programmes?

How should you identify the right accounts over time; align sales and marketing; integrate with other strategies such as Inbound Marketing; create a content strategy.

Account Based Marketing Execution

ABM can increase conversion by 200% but it is not a one-off tactic. Once you have finalised your ABM strategy, let us help you to lay out copy; create ads; build landing pages; co-ordinate teams and deliver your account based marketing playbook.

We work with major marketing automation platforms (Marketo, Pardot, Eloqua, Hubspot...).

Account Based Advertising

Ensure only accounts you target see your advertising. Account Based Advertising will reduce wastage on media spend and increase awareness across your target accounts.

We can help you to design and target the right companies before they come to you with our account based advertising platform.

Account Based Sales and Marketing Insight

A key part of engaging with an account is understanding it. Radiate B2B can help you identify who, what and when you should be engaging with accounts so accounts no longer fall under the radar and get missed. Learn more about our intent data capabilities here.

Sales and Marketing Alignment

Account Based Marketing requires teams like Sales, Marketing and Customer Success to work together. While ABM can directly result in greater collaboration, it does require the different teams to be involved from the very beginning. Find out about sales and marketing alignment here.

Integrating Inbound Marketing

Account Based Marketing is not a standalone marketing strategy. It scales best alongside an inbound marketing strategy. Radiate B2B can help accelerate your Account Based Marketing by integrating it with your Inbound Marketing.

Download our Inbound and Account Based Marketing whitepaper

You will find out:

  • How to integrate Account Based Marketing and Inbound Marketing.
  • How to evolve your content marketing to succeed with Account Based Marketing.
  • How to avoid 2 common pitfalls made when incorporating insight into Account Based Marketing programmes.

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