Opt-Out settings

You can change your opt out status on this page. To do so, click the button on the right and we will take all necessary means to ensure that no tracking is being applied to your browser.

Please be aware that:

  • We need to set an anonymous “opt-out” cookie to indicate your decision not to be tracked. Your opt-out will remain in effect only as long as this cookie is present in your browser and accessible.
  • Cookies are browser and device specific – opting out of tracking on this browser and device does not affect your settings on a secondary device and/or browser.
  • Some browsers (e.g. Safari) limit cookie functionalities by default – in consequence your opt-out may not work as intended.
  • When you opt out, any data we hold will be disassociated from your browser and device and not used for ad targeting anymore. You may still continue to see advertising, it may be less relevent to you and/or it will be targeted based on context and your company rather than yourself.