Stop missing pipeline opportunities

Our intent data platform monitors company activity both on your website and across the internet to tell you who is in market today.

Designed for small to medium sized companies selling to larger companies, we enable sales teams to maximise their pipeline generation.

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How intent data works

Our platform collects company level activity data through our tags and partners giving us access to over 5,000 publishers, analysts, vendors, and content syndication providers.

This data is then combined into a single intent score for each company along with the topics that each company is showing intent for. This is further broken down by location so that you are able to focus on the correct office locations interested in having a conversation with you.

Together this means that you will:

  • Know which companies sales should contact today.
  • Know what you should communicate to each company.
  • Activate these companies through your marketing campaigns.
  • Monitor customers to identify which ones might be churning.
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Uncover hidden gems in your CRM

Every day sales teams get told to come back later. Inside every company CRM platform are contacts that went stale because the timing was not right. By monitoring your CRM with our intent data, you are able to follow up with companies that you were not due to do so for several more months. As well as all those contacts that would never have been chased down.

Identify new opportunities

With just 5% of companies in market at any one time, how many of those companies are you talking to today? With our intent data, we are able to identify companies from your ideal customer profiles looking at topics that relate to your products and services allowing your to spend more time talking to that 5%.

Increase conversion and prioritise companies

Companies rarely move through the buying cycle in a linear fashion. They often move up and down the funnel before eventually closing. By identifying companies who are in the buying cycle, you can activate these companies further using your marketing programmes to further prioritise prospects as well as increase the number of touchpoints inside companies active in the buying cycle.

Monitor companies

Whether you are monitoring customers, or your target account list. You are able to see the behaviour of companies important to you so that you can make contact at the right time.

The Radiate B2B platform was a critical part of our day to day sales processes, helping sales to prioritise their time.

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In a world where buyers delay engaging with sellers and in the majority of occasions know who they want by the time they do. Sellers need to find ways to get in front of buyers earlier. Intent Data is the way.

You will find out:

  • What is Intent Data
  • How to get started with Intent Data
  • How to integrate intent data into your programmes

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You will find out how to:

  • Make the best use of insight for sales
  • Align sales and marketing to drive ongoing success
  • Design to drive results in an account based advertising programmes

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About Radiate B2B

Launched in 2017, Radiate B2B helps small and medium sized technology, manufacturing and professional services businesses accelerate their revenue by looking at the activity of companies within their Ideal Customer Profile.

With the buying environment changing rapidly, Radiate B2B was created for this new B2B buyer. One that spends less time with sellers and more time researching. By providing insight into this part of the buying cycle, we are able to help sales and marketing teams increase performance of meetings, engagement and revenue.

The team has, over the past 20 years, brought the world's best marketing automation and data science capabilities to businesses in the UK and around the world, working with blue chip clients like Sony, Shell and FedEx but also many small and mid-sized companies.

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