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Account based advertising allows you to target specific companies with advertising. No more wasting budget on companies you do not care about. With increased saturation in content marketing, your content can often be lost amongst low quality content noise, so how do you ensure you are front of mind before prospects research your industry's offering?

B2B advertising used to be a recipe for wastage but account based advertising solves this, making your target prospects or clients aware of your proposition and keeps you front of mind.

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The Results

Targeting companies that match your ideal customers. Targeting the right people. With the right message. Unsurprisingly this sees uplifts in results. From a recent case study, a global SaaS platform saw:


uplift in website visits


as likely to demo


uplift in average contract value

In fact, results impacted across other channels also. With search, email and social all seeing performance increases between 15 and 40%.

Benefits of Account Based Advertising

Outsized awareness

Today, using our account based advertising technology, you can target just the companies you want to talk to.

Make an impression fast by delivering a targeted advertising campaign that looks like a major multi-publisher campaign.


Content today plays to multiple audiences or problems - hoping something sticks.

Instead of forcing your customer to find the right content, now you can tailor your messaging to each individual account. From the display advert right through to the landing page, ensure each stakeholder gets the information they need.

Accelerate Sales

Account based advertising is the first step in building a relationship with your largest customers.

Sales are often already wanting to build relationships with these very accounts. Integrating with sales will allow them to create relationships faster and close larger deals sooner.

I've never seen digital advertising results like it.
Their approach to delivering both a platform and service means
the experience the client receives is uniquely refreshing in the martech world.

Head of Digital Marketing, Orgvue

Full Pipeline Awareness

Target one company, in groups or at scale with advertising tailored to each. Whether it is at the beginning of your relationship with an account, warming up your sales conversations; in the pipeline where hygiene and safety messaging can accelerate contracts closing or as a customer, introducing new departments and geographies to your products.

Warm accounts and identify early interest

Nurture accounts with pipeline targeted advertising

Target customers and expand

GDPR Compliance and the Great Cookie Apocolypse

Our platform was built with GDPR and third party cookies in mind.

Our technology identifies the right groups of people at the right companies without using third party cookies or breaking GDPR. This means that even after third party cookies are switched off in 2024, we will be able to both retarget companies with advertising and also reach the relevent people within an organisation.

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Account Based Advertising drove 72% of accounts targeted by a leading manufacturer to their website over 12 months

Global Manufacturer

Brand Safe

The Account based advertising approach means that your ads are only seen by the companies you choose to target. However, ensuring your brand is protected from appearing next to the multitude of inappropriate material online remains an important part of any account based advertising platform.

At Radiate B2B, we ensure your brand is safe for all our campaigns and can be customised further if needed.

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You will find out how to:

  • Make the best use of insight for sales
  • Align sales and marketing to drive ongoing success
  • Design to drive results in an account based advertising programmes

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