Account Based Advertising

With the increase in content marketing, marketers need to ensure their company is front of mind when prospects research their industry's offering.

B2B advertising used to be a recipe for wastage but now you can target only the companies you desire, making your accounts aware of your proposition.

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Punch above your weight

Until now, only the largest B2B companies have been able to adopt B2B display advertising. But today, you can discretely target just the companies you want to talk to.

Tailored to each account

Content strategies today tend to blend into each other as they try to play to every possible audience. Instead of forcing your customer to find the right content, now you can tailor your messaging to each individual account - from the display ad right through to the landing page, ensuring each stakeholder gets the information they need.

Integrate with Sales

Account based advertising is the first step in building a relationship with your customer. Integrating with sales and also other account based marketing tactics will create relationships that result in fruitful results.

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