Account Based Advertising

How easy is it to target your ideal customer profiles across the Internet? Until today, the only way to deliver targeted online advertising outside social media was by persona with broad industry parameters leading to limited brand awareness except for the largest campaigns, huge wastage in ad spend and minimal insight.

Account based advertising targets advertising across programmatic networks and social media platforms at the right people within a defined list of companies. This results in extraordinary brand awareness within target companies and identifies which companies are actively considering your solutions.

Using account based advertising

Account based advertising can impact across your pipeline. From the earliest touchpoints right through to renewal. That makes it an incredibly powerful tool to support sales, marketing and customer success teams and changes the way you approach campaigns. In fact, account based advertising campaigns are really ongoing programmes that target the right content, to the right companies, at the right frequency throughout the year.

Net new accounts

When creating an ideal customer profile (ICP), the majority of companies on the list are ones that have barely been touched, if at all. These companies benefit from a brand led channel like account based advertising that allows you to cut through the noise in the market. Deliver key messages from afar, showing expertise and leadership, which in turn warms up accounts for closer touchpoints like social media, email and phone.

Pipeline acceleration

Once an account is in the pipeline, the messaging requirements shift. Introductory messaging showing leadership can still be important, but also hygiene factors like awards, certifications, other clients, company size can all infer safety and reduce opposition to being selected. The advertising also acts as a nudge effect, which can remind the buyer to act on an outstanding action. This in turn shortens the time taken for a deal to close.

Existing clients

Expanding your relationship with your existing clients is often easier than acquiring new ones. Highlighting your work with other offices or departments can open the door to conversations more broadly in a company. Warming up existing users with company targeted advertising can highlight successes increasing the likelihood of renewal.

Benefits of Account Based Marketing

Outsized brand awareness

Account based advertising allows you to narrowly target the right types of people at specific companies.

This increases the exposure to your brand by focusing your spend only on the right people within a desired account.

Know who to talk to

An advertising message is only acted upon when of interest currently. Understanding the interest levels of a target account allows sales and marketing to take advantage of a window of opportunity and make contact at the right time.

Accelerate pipeline

B2B buyers are both busy and wanting to make the right choice. Placing advertising that re-inforces your capabilities increases their comfort selecting you, while also acting as a nudge effect - reminding them to act on outstanding actions.

The Results

Targeting companies that match your ideal customers. Targeting the right people. With the right message. Unsurprisingly this sees uplifts in results. From a recent case study, a global SaaS platform saw:


uplift in website visits


as likely to demo


uplift in average contract value

In fact, results impacted across other channels also. With search, email and social all seeing performance increases between 15 and 40%.

Download The 3 Key Steps to Succeeding with Account Based Advertising

You will find out how to:

  • Make the best use of insight for sales
  • Align sales and marketing to drive ongoing success
  • Design to drive results in an account based advertising programmes

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