Our next LinkedIn Live event is… well… live on Monday 23rd May at 12.30pm. Given the huge number of requests after the last session, we have focused on outbound sales.

Specifically how outbound sales is evolving to respond to both a changing buyer demographic and a changing environment.

With only 17% of buyers’ time is spent across all suppliers and almost half the time spent on independently researching (Gartner), sales teams need to adapt to this new environment.

The place where sales interactions occur is changing as well. Gartner has predicted that by 2025, 80% of B2B sales interactions between suppliers and buyers will occur in digital channels.

How then to evolve?

We’ll cover:
1. The changing buyer. What has changed and what does it mean?
2. Balancing automation vs manual
3. The rise of the dark funnel
4. Online vs offline – what has changed?
5. Personal branding and sales

I’ll be joined by Adam Gray from DLA Ignite (and one of the top social selling experts globally), Nadja Komnenic from Lemlist and Alex Abbott from Supero (30+ years in sales including time at Oracle, eBay and Experian). 

Click here to attend