I am excited to announce that Paul Bradbury has joined Radiate B2B as our Chief Technology Officer. I have known Paul for over a decade now and have been wanting to bring him into the company for a few years now. The stars finally aligned, and it is good to welcome him on board!

Paul has over 25 years of technology experience working across technology and advertising companies. Working in both the US and Europe, as well as managing teams all over the world, he has built out large enterprise solutions for companies such as The Daily Telegraph, Al Jazeera and The Economist.

Paul is key to us fulfilling our vision to deliver a world class buying experience for our client’s customers.

The platform today helps our clients place relevant advertising in front of specific companies from their ideal customer profiles, building awareness and identifying which are entering the buying process. This allows our clients to start conversations earlier and build deeper and better quality relationships.

My view, and the view we see happening with our customers over time as they shift more towards an account based marketing approach is a complete re-invention to how B2B marketing is delivered. Paul will contribute significantly to delivering this platform for the next generation of B2B marketers.

Welcome Paul!