The changing buyer. The increasing number of stakeholders. The Covid-19 pandemic. All have served to transform the sales environment. Buyers are increasingly digital natives and less responsive to cold contact. Today, they also spend much less time with sales in the buying process. This page keeps track of all the sales statistics to help you understand the current environment.

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(Last updated: July 2023).

The sales and marketing environment looks very different today to three or four years ago.

Enterprise buyers are 57% of the way through the buying cycle before contacting a vendor with only 19% spent with all vendors combined.


This combined with more stakeholders to nurture across more channels means change is a must. In turn, this has created an even greater need for more sales and marketing alignment. It has become a key topic as a result.

Creating joined up buying experiences that deliver in advance of first contact and right through to renewal increases and accelerates pipeline all while reducing churn.

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