The inaugural Inbox Expo is coming to the Science Gallery, London on March 18-19 and Riaz Kanani, our Founder/CEO has been invited to discuss the future role of technology in relationship marketing alongside email marketing industry luminaries Dennis Dayman and Olga Adrianko.

The event is packed with workshops, round tables and includes sessions on topics ranging from deliverability to regulations with more leading lights from the world of email marketing than I can remember in a long time, including: Kath Pay, Kate Barrett, Elliot Ross, April Mullen, Kait Creamer, Melanie Kinney and Paul Airy.

Previous to Radiate B2B, Riaz exited Digital Oxygen to Silverpop, one of the leading platforms for email marketing (and now called Acoustic following a brief stay inside IBM). He regularly wrote and spoke on the topic and email marketing remains one of the key channels for B2B marketers to build strong relationships and win new clients.

Building relationships is a fundamental part of B2B sales and marketing and it is no surprise there is huge overlap between the fundamentals of relationship marketing with account based marketing (ABM). Without technology though, account based marketing is a strategy for the few.

Inbox Expo will be live streaming the event globally including the keynote addresses and panel discussions.

“Every delegate can expect a personalised and tailored experience,” explained Andrew Bonar, founder and CEO of emailexpert. “Inbox Expo London Edition will be the first time so many speakers – over three dozen in total — have come to the UK, flying in from across the globe to share their stories with our delegates. Our delegate to speaker ratio is about 3:1, a truly remarkable networking experience for those that want to up their email game and network.”

Along with presentations on privacy and the state of email regulation, B2B marketers will find sessions on the email vendor landscape, sales funnel optimization, data segmentation, developing buyer personas, and more, relevant to their campaigns.

“I’m really looking forward to London Inbox Expo,” said Melanie Kinney, Marketing Manager, Mightier, and Inbox Expo speaker. “There are quite a few industry experts on the speaker list that I’m excited to hear from, and a handful of new ones I can’t wait to meet. I love that the theme is ‘celebrating diversity and accessibility’ which are two important and relevant topics in the industry right now. I’ve always found the email community itself to be very inclusive and it’s great to see the industry move in this direction on a whole.”

Find out more about the event here.