Account Based Marketing (ABM) Training Workshops

Account Based Marketing is the talk of the town. New approaches are making it scale beyond your top few accounts. As a result it has become a strategic opportunity for many more companies.

Our training will:

  • Introduce scalable Account Based Marketing
  • Create an account based strategy, increasing market knowledge and increasing sales velocity
  • Measure the success of the strategy
  • Expand the programme to your existing clients

80% of companies found Account Based Marketing approaches outperformed other strategies.


Example ABM Training Workshop

We tailor our training to your needs, whether it be focused on acquiring new business or expanding your existing client relationships using an account based marketing strategy. A typical ABM training session covers:

ABM Training Workshop Overview

  • How is Account Based Marketing changing.
  • Our approach
  • Aligning sales and marketing
  • Operationalising Account Based Marketing
  • The legal landscape

The Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)

  • Leveraging your existing data
  • Market selection
  • Account selection including firmographic analysis
  • Creating your ICP
  • Contact identification including influencers and naysayers
  • Identifying the buying phase

The ABM Playbook

  • What is the ABM playbook
  • Stage and milestone mapping
  • Channel strategy and tactics
  • CRM and marketing automation integration
  • Account scoring
  • Content strategy and personalisation

Measuring Account Based Marketing success

  • Key metrics
  • Account Based Marketing expenditure
  • Account analysis
  • Won sales analysis

Account Based Retention

  • Customer journey definition
  • Building for customer advocacy
  • Aligning marketing and customer success
  • The retention playbook

Let’s discuss your Account based training needs and we will tailor our services to suit your success.

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