International Expansion:
Not If but When

International expansion is a rite of passage moment, particularly for tech businesses.

For both US companies eyeing the patchwork quilt of markets that make up Europe, and European companies eyeing growth beyond their home and adjacent markets, Britain remains a tantalising opportunity.

At Radiate B2B, Mike and Riaz know this very well: we've worked on both sides of this coin since coming together in 2005 to bring Silverpop Inc. across the Atlantic to win market leadership here.

We've also expanded UK businesses into international markets, both within Europe and beyond.

Mature US tech companies typically make 30% of their revenues from Europe, so expansion is a question of - not if, but when.

Index Ventures

What do we do?

Drawing on the principles of Account Based Marketing, we will work with you to:

Market Definition

Define the UK (and other target country) markets. This may mean validating or challenging the research you’ve already done, based on local knowledge.

Ideal Customer Profile

Localise your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). This may be identical to the ICP in your home market, or it may need adjusting to meet local market nuances.

ABM Target Client List

Help you identify the 'dream team' target customers. Essentially this is about expanding form the single ICP to a broader list of organisations you want on your client list in 12–24 months’ time.


Help you identify the 'dream team' initial hires. We are well networked and may be able to help you find those critical first few hires that will define your success in the UK.


Guide you through the local nuances of communications, legal questions and networking opportunities.

Let’s talk about what you need from your growth plans here and we will tailor our services to suit your success.

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