Account Based Marketing Insight

One of the real strengths of an Account Based Marketing programme is that it goes beyond being just marketing activity.

Generating – and acting on – insight into how each of your accounts is interacting with your programme is the key to unlocking real business value, to create growth.

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Match the buyer's journey

In a world where the balance of power has shifted to the buy-side, understanding where each account is on their buyer’s journey is more important than ever. ABM’s targeted strategy can give you the inside track that makes all the difference.

Collaborate with sales

Instead of passing on MQLs or SQLs and leaving Sales to get on with it, a good ABM programme (already focused on ideal client accounts) delivers actionable insight to help make their conversations really pay off.

Sales, Marketing, Customer Success – and even Product – act as all part of a single growth team.

Make each conversation work harder

Clear insight enables your conversations with each account to be relevant and timely. Relevance and timeliness are the essence of value – both for your growth team and for your potential buyers.

Let’s talk about accelerating your sales and marketing with account based marketing insight.

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