Account Based Marketing and Inbound Marketing

Strategic ABM, where you treat every account as a market of one, is an expensive strategy for most to roll out across all their prospects. At Radiate B2B, we aim to deliver scalable ABM programmes which can be used across a larger percentage of your prospects, delivering increased sales velocity and higher contract values.

Being able to take advantage of pre-existing inbound marketing investment can help you scale or implement your account based marketing programmes faster.

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Accelerate ABM content creation

Account based marketing requires content to power it. The output differs to Inbound marketing, but the content strategy and persona development are similar. There may also be an opportunity to repurpose existing content so that they are more focused and personalised.

We can help you to create the content strategies and develop your personas, but also repurpose your existing content.

Nurturing accounts

Mature inbound marketing programmes often have generic or industry specific nurturing campaigns that move leads through a funnel. These journeys can be repurposed for use within more directly targeted ABM campaigns and also integrated into a suite of content that can be used by sales teams.

Technology Integration

The majority of B2B marketers use some form of marketing automation today. These platforms are currently lead based and are only slowly adopting account based strategies. Ditching your marketing automation platforms is not an option so how do you work within such an environment?

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You will find out:

  • How to integrate Account Based Marketing and Inbound Marketing.
  • How to evolve your content marketing to succeed with Account Based Marketing.
  • How to avoid 2 common pitfalls made when incorporating insight into Account Based Marketing programmes.

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